Monday, 14 July 2014

Magyarlapad 14th July 14 - My first Music Class

14th July:

My first Magyarlapad music class: I’m siting here in a room with 8 little children with violins, who are staring at me, until the teacher arrives. Then I’m being taken to a different space - with only one other teenage brac (Transylvanian viola) player, and I thought, o wow, one-to-one lessons. 10 min later already I regretted not having stayed with the kids, learning nice little Hungarian tunes....

I managed to stay for 1 hour, being showered with notes, trying to make any kind of sense of what this guy is trying to play. O my god, I’m a violinist, or I thought so until this morning, but this is a disaster. I leave with my head spinning, and my confidence seeping out through my pocket…

On top of it, I’m still the alien. I can’t even believe this is an international camp. If you can’t speak Hungarian here, you seem to be shunned…

In the eve, the kids and youths gave a lovely demo of their dance classes - it is an amazing culture, if you are only watching from the outside, or you are one of them. 

However, I did make a friend, who speaks English. She told me the organiser is actually a count. He was easy going enough before he was starting to buy all his grandfather’s castles back, since then, the foot folk seems not to deserve more than minimum attention… well, now at least I have some means to mock  the ‘Count Farkas’.

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