Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sibiu 23rd July 14 - Bavaria 100 years ago

23rd July:

Today I spoke in Romani to Romanian Roma ! I was walking 3x past, before I could gather the courage to actually approach them. I asked them if there is Gypsy music in Sibiu and around and they said no. I also told them that I play, which earned me big smiles.

I only took a picture from far away as I felt stupid asking them to take their pic.

They looked amazing, in their black hats, and typical colourful long dresses and head scarves.

 Later I went to Michelsberg (Cisnadioara), the village which apparently looks like Bavaria 100 years ago…

 Up, in the castle, I was surprised to see the memorials of tons of ‘Musketeers’. Up til then I knew them only as figures from the movie. I now have learned, that they were soldiers armed with muskets…

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