Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sibiu 22nd July 14 - the Drom and the Than

22nd July:

I have left Magyarlapad, the village which is more Hungarian than Hungary, and the people, geese and chickens, who mostly seem to live in the last century - apart from the mobile phones….

I have arrived at Sibiu, an old Saxon town (Herrmannstadt), to which I fell in love 10 years ago, when travelling through by train. Finally I’m made it, yeay !

It's an absolutely gorgeous town, however, if feels a bit dead, I thought - it took me a while to figure out why - THERE IS NO MUSIC ANYWHERE - I really think there ought to street musicians in the big beautiful Piata Marebe not in the big squares, or the cafes or restaurants...

I went to the village museum to learn about Romania in the last centuries... 

… and here the Sibiu, just minutes before a heavy thunderstorm…

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