Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sighisoara 27th July 14 - the medieval festival surprise

27th July: Sighisoara

The 3rd city with ‘S’ on my trip - and yes, definitely lucky: 
I bumped into a medieval festival !

This destination was only put on my schedule after I decided to visit Budapest on my way from Transylvania to Munich, as there is a direct train from there. I had been in Sighisoara 10 years ago, and loved this little old town with the fortified church. It is a creative and lively place with just the right mixture of touristic and traditional features.

There was a big great market of partly pretentious-medieval goods and partly traditional folk art. Also Roma people had their stalls. Again, I tried to practice my Romani, and for some strange reasons they answered me back in Italian language, but they did reply to what I asked !!!

In the earlier day, I again was a bit disappointed by the lack of live music, however, later I got rewarded to full satisfaction: groups from Romania and around, performing a variety of oldish music, from traditional, to medieval, Balkan and Gothic, even one wind quartet performing pre-classical court music.

Right now I’m dreading a night on the train - I reserved only a seat, but I’m determined to pay the balance which will buy me a bed…

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