Thursday, 24 July 2014

Sovata 24th July 14 - Saltlake - hop hop hop

24th July:

I’m so lucky ! In dire need of some holiday, I’m making my way to the next place with ‘S’: Sovata, a spa-town with a thermal salt lake and great walks. I was quite frustrated after realizing, that to travel there will take me 8 hours, and 5 changes, even if it is only 200km !!! 

In my desperation I digged deep into my resourcefulness and the www, and discovered a Romanian car sharing service, and a couple who drove on the right day, to the right hour along the right road !!!

Well, I arrived after 2 ½ hours travel in a Dracula Fairy tale place. On my first walk round heaven opened its gates and flooded the whole village - this topped the best London shower I have ever experienced - where is my sunshine !!!!

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