Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Magyarlapad 15th July 14 - the musical trial

15th July:

This morning I had another music class. I kept feeling absolutely inadequate, as I could not pick up more than one phrase, and then I seemed to have forgotten it 10 min later.

Here I’m sitting, transcribing, or rather trying to make sense out of the recordings from this morning. I’m starting to feel less like a baby chicken, as I realize, yes, when going back to the 1st phrase it had completely changed, which is great for performing but not for learning...

So I have now around 3-5 variations of each phrase, actually not variations, but versions, of which 2 notes are about the same, and I can’t decide which to memorize first…

Thinking of my just passed Transylvanian class at this year's SOAS Summer School, I’m sitting here and wondering, if I’m a good tutor or a fraud - maybe it is completely wrong to break the music down in memorable bits for the students the way I did and do it. Maybe one has to master the chaos I'm facing here, before qualifying to play it - after all THEY are the Transylvanians !!!

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